What the Hoo is a Hoobaddyhoo?

Alot of people ask me “What is a Hoobaddyhoo?” I guess the easiest way is to write it all down and then send people this link.

Firstly Hoobaddyhoo is a character I created and wrote about some six or seven years ago now. I was writing for other people who had given me their characters and story lines which I had to work by. So one day I wrote for me.

Still unpublished (mainly due to not finding an illustrator) it’s my goal to introduce him to the world one day. I need however to find an illustrator that shares my vision. At the moment he’s stuck in my head.

The story is about his inner lonely existence, feeling the need to find a companion – his Hoobaddyher. He leaves his safe place and encounters new and strange sights on his long quest.

Little did I know that this story would inspire me to write blogs about men’s health, life and depression. Where’s the link I hear you say?

My own life’s experiences are very similar to the Hoobaddyhoo, not feeling I belong, experiencing things that scared me, amazed me while looking for my Hoobaddyher through life.

As my tag line says – from a Hoobaddyhoo to being you – we all travel through life in search of our own Hoobaddyher. Whether that’s a partner, spouse, a location, a career or just inner happiness. We have to experience things that scare us, make decisions and sacrifices that take us out of our comfort zone to reach our own very personal Hoobaddyher.

We might not all be lucky enough in life to find her but if we don’t at least try, we’ll never know.

Oh, and you’ll have to wait until The Hoobaddyhoo is published to find out if he finds his Hoobaddyher. 😉

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