Four Weddings and A Funeral



Above the location of my fourth wedding.  Yes, I’m not stealing the title from Richard Curtis and his fantastic Four Weddings and a Funeral , this really was my fourth wedding.  As you’ll come to  realise – as we get to know each other – I have a great love for wedding cake.  My wife hopes that this craving has now diminished and that I can be happy with an iced cake at Christmas from now on.

I don’t mean to mock the sanctity of marriage or the commitment involved.  There are extenuating circumstances in my previous marriages which I will go into over time.  Plus, there always two sides to every story.  I am by no means a saint and I will not pretend to be.  Anyway….. we’ll come back to this subject.



Although I’m sad to say I have been to many funerals, the most significant was my fathers when I was 18. This was one of the hardest times in my life.  The 18 year old rebel decided to go it alone, hide the grief inside and carry on with life – this was to come back and bite me on the arse as I grew up.  Now, almost fifty, I’ve seen people handle grief in a number of ways.  The grief of losing a family member or that of a child losing their first pet.  Either way the process is the same it’s just how we deal with it as individuals.  There is no right or wrong way.


So that’s a brief synopsis of my life thus far.  I’m sure I’ll go into more details of all the above as I blog more.  I’m experienced in life but not on a professional scale to advise on marriage or grief.  However, talking with others about the subjects can help us get a better understanding and to feel we are not alone.

Comment below and follow the adventures of this Hoobaddyhoo.

Goodbye to you from your Hoobaddyhoo







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